Gyumri Street named after Edmond Keosayan

Participants of the 5th International Children and Youth Film Festival attended Gyumri, where а brass was inaugurated in memory of Edmond Keosayan. A street in the city's new neighborhood was also named after the prominent Armenian film director. "Alexandropol, Leninakan, Gyumri... This city has always been the heart of Armenia. It is no coincidence that one of the greatest people in the world was born here. He could be a great man in any occupation but, fortunately for us, he had chosen cinematography," film critic Armen Medvedev said. Edmond Keosayan's widow, Laura Gevorkyan thanked the city administration, saying, "Edmond loved Gyumri and was proud of being the son of the city. Now, I am proud to have a link to this wonderful city."

October 19, 2009 - 16:28 AMT 11:28 GMT PanARMENIAN.Net


Turkish "Bobo" receives International Children's and Youth Festival Grand Prix in Yerevan

Turkish director Alatay Tasdiken's "Bobo" has won the Grand Prix of the 5th International Children's and Youth Festival which closed in Yerevan on October 20.

Israeli director Lynn Roth's "Little Traitor" was announced the best live-action film. Robert Sahakyants' "Six Tales" was recognized as the best animated film.

The audience prize went to Russian director Nikolay Denisov.

October 20, 2009 - 17:16 AMT 12:16 GMT PanARMENIAN.Net


Second stage of 5th Children's and Youth Film Festival launches in Alaverdi November


The second stage of Children's and Youth Film Festival launched on November 27 in Alaverdi, Armenia.

Emphasizing the importance of the festival, Nune Manukyan, Head of Rolan Bykov foundation for Development of Cinema and Television for Children and Youth, noted: "After 5 years of its existence, the festival has became a tradition. The festival aims to develop children's interest cinema, offering a chance at viewing best youth movies of the last years. It's also important for children outside Yerevan to be given a chance to participate in international festivals."

Starting November 27, Alaverdi cultural center will host the screening of short and animation movies presented within October 15-19 5th Children's and Youth Film Festival frameworks in Yerevan. Movies' screening is scheduled in all Armenian regions till the yearend.

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“Roof” not only for children but also for the grown ups”

Boris Grachevski, director, and the art director of children’s “Yeralash” film journal so famous to the children and grown ups presented to the Armenian audience his new film called “Roof”. The presentation was held in the “Moscow” cinema in Yerevan, with full halls.

The film is being represented in the frameworks of the 5th international festival of Youth films. The Festival this year represents 51 films from 23 countries.

The film is about 3 teenaged girls the parents who are awfully busy with their problems and almost do not notice what’s going on with their children. The mother of one of the girls is thinking only about her own career and wants to get power. The second one is so much dedicated to her own passion that is even ready to leave her family. The third one is busy with earning money day and night and almost doesn’t see her daughter.

The film is telling how these girls having need of warmth and love fell in love with the same guy. It describes how the teenagers think, what are they interested in what they dream about. And so one day the girls find themselves on the edge of the roof…

By the words of the film director B. Grachevski the film is aimed at prompting the grown ups that they should make a step forward to their children and vice versa, as long the parents live with the life of their children as long they do not be surprised suddenly. On the presentation of the film was not only present the director but also the main actor Artyom Artemev who is known to the audience through Russian soap operas. He says he is lucky to be shot in this film where there is something to play, and where you can really play feelings and relations, love and jealousy… B. Grachevski also confessed that the subject interests and touches him. He mentioned that the film he has shot not only for the children but also for the protection of the grown ups.

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