Actress Nelly Uvarova and Film Director Tomas Knittel Visited RAU within ROLAN 2019 Film Festival
Written by Zara

Within the 15th Rolan International Film Festival for Children and Youth, which took place in Armenia on November 5-9, 2019, Russian-Armenian University hosted workshops and meetings with actors and film-makers.

Russian actress Nelly Uvarova and Polish film director Tomas Knittel visited RAU on November 6 and 7. Nelly Uvarova and Tomas Knittel told the students majoring in creative fields about their creative endeavors, career path, shared their views on the development of the film industry.

Vahe Kevorkov, Ph.D., Head of RAU Department of Film and Television Production highlighted the relevance of the festival, as the cinema for children is going through a crisis in Armenia.

"RAU is a long-standing partner of the festival and is traditionally hosting movie screenings and meetings, while our students volunteer for the festival. There is always something to share and learn, that’s why such events are always a good idea," he said.

The annual international film festival Rolan is sponsored by Armenian Foundation for Promotion of Cinema and TV for Children and Young People Rolan Bykov Foundation and is held in Yerevan, other Armenian cities and Artsakh since 2001. Among its objectives is helping children and youth to shape their individuality and to learn to be guided by moral values. Festival organizers aspire to establish connections between participants from different countries and foster joint international projects in filmmaking. Created for youth, the festival’s judging panel has solely children and teens as members. This year, the Festival was held in different regions of Armenia.