8th International Film Festivals for Children and Youth

From 22nd to 26th of October, 2012, 8th International Film Festival for Children and Young People was held in Yerevan and 2 months in the regions of Armenia. The Festival was organized by Armenian Rolan Bykov Foundation with the support of the President and Ministry of Culture of RA.

More than 105 films made in 27 countries were included in the Festival Program.

Teenagers from Armenia, China, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Belarus participated in the festival as International Children Jury members. Armenian children from Syria took part in the festival, too.

Below listed projects were implemented in the frames of the Festival:

1.“You are not Alone… We will Win Together”

The project “You are not Alone… We will win Together…” was established in the framework of the 6th Festival in 2010, which led to a fruitful cooperation with Moscow Clinical Centre of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology. The project has been implemented for the 3rd time this year.

Alexandr Karachunski, MD, Professor, and Alexey Maschan, MD, Professor, arrived in Yerevan in the framework of the 8th Festival. They conducted medical consultations in the Hematology Centre after professor R. Yolyan.

2. “I'm One of You”

The cooperation of Armenian “Rolan Bykov” Foundation and UNICEF-Armenia continued this year as well.

For the first time, the program “I am One of You” was implemented in the framework of the project “I Have Rights” to highlight the rights of children with disabilities, children who live in isolation and in most of the cases are deprived of the opportunity to get education. Art exhibition under the same title was organized as well.


CINESPIDER Film Forums is the initiative of two Armenian producers - Armine Anda and Hasmik Hovhannisyan. The project “CINESPIDER: KIDS PILOT 2012” was realized in the framework of the festival. Panel discussion with the Key Speaker Annette Brejner, head of Kids Cluster and The Financing Forum for Kids Content and also Workshop-Competition for kids from different countries were implemented.